Am I really guaranteed coverage regardless of my medical history?

Yes. You and your family members are guaranteed the Essential level of coverage for extended health care coverage regardless of the medical history of you and your dependents, number of hours worked, and time of application or place of employment. Those applicants who are actively working for a participating organization or a member of a sponsoring association may be guaranteed the Complete level of coverage.

Can I keep my coverage if I am no longer employed at, or a member of a participating organization/association?

Yes, you can. Our coverage is both portable and flexible. Once you have enrolled in the Corsana plan as a result of employment at a participating organization or membership at a sponsoring organization, you may continue to be covered by the plan until you choose to leave. Your health and dental coverage will continue under your current plan option until such time that you attain age 65. Then you will be enrolled in the appropriate Classic plan level

What is the definition of an endorsing organization or association?

An endorsing organization or association is an entity that actively communicates the availability of our plan to its employees or association members. If you are unsure of your organizations endorsement status or are interested in endorsing our plan, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!

I am a temporary part-time employee; does Corsana have anything for me?

Definitely. You are eligible to apply for Prime, which offers extended health care and (optional) dental coverage.

I have extended health care and dental benefits through my spouse’s group plan. Is there anything in this plan for me?

You're fortunate enough to be covered under another group plan and that's a good thing! The Corsana plan offers health and dental benefits to those who do not already have them so, at the moment, we wouldn't have anything to offer you. However, if for some reason you lose those benefits in the future be sure to contact us within 60 days and we'll be able to offer you health and dental coverage.

If I enroll in Corsana, what happens to my health and dental coverage when I reach age 65?

At the end of the month in which you turn 65, the health and dental coverage under your current plan option will cease and you will automatically be enrolled in the Classic plan with your then current dental coverage. If you had the Essential level of coverage then when you turn 65 your coverage will transfer to the Classic plan at the Essential level. If you had the Complete or Optimum level of coverage, when you turn 65 your coverage will transfer to the Classic plan at the Complete level. You may apply for the Optimum level at any time. However, this level of coverage is issued at the discretion of the insurer and is only available subject to full medical underwriting.

What does “actively at work” mean?

In order to be considered actively at work, you must be an employee, scheduled to work, and not away from work for any reason such as a disability or maternity leave.

What happens if there is a change in my employment status like retirement or reduction in hours, and/or may family status?

This is your plan and is not administered by your employer. Therefore it is your responsibility to notify us of any change to your employment status or changes to your family structure (I.e. Marriage, welcoming a child). Please note that changes in coverage will only be made the first of the month following the date our office is notified in writing. Changes in coverage will not be made retroactively.

What is a “60-day window”?

The term "60-day window" refers to a one time opportunity to receive guaranteed coverage, at the Complete level, in the plan for which an individual is eligible.


60-day window opportunities arise from the first of the following occurrences:

  • Initial hire date at the participating organization
  • Losing group health coverage as a result of retirement from a full-time position
  • Losing group health coverage as a result of a transfer from full-time to part-time
  • Losing group health coverage as a result of turning age 65
  • FIRST offer from the participating organization of non-temporary or non-contract employment